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Lincoln College of Technology Overview

As you may be aware, looking for a job in today’s economy is not the easiest process. But who IS succeeding in recent months? People who are specifically trained in one niche field and who know the in’s and outs of everything about their career. That’s why a technical school may be the perfect fit for you! At Lincoln Tech, you can expect hands-on training for a specific field that’ll prepare you for the working world post graduation.

Since 1946, Lincoln Tech has prepared students with the tools and training needed to find success in their field.

Programs are offered in the following:

Online Bachelor Degrees:

Business Management
Information Management & Security
Integrated Marketing Communications & Design

Online Associate Degrees:

Advanced Medical Coding & Billing
Business Management
Graphic Design
Network Communications & Information Systems
Web Design

With successful campuses across New England, Lincoln Tech now offers online learning from your own home. And unlike other online universities, Lincoln has what they call “The Lincoln Difference,” including a great academic reputation and personalized attention, including career placement assistance and dedicated student support.

At Lincoln Online, all of your course lectures will be delivered completely online, and you’ll submit all your assignments through their easy-to-use online platform. At Lincoln, it’s all about flexibility. In fact, you’ll never be required to be online and in class at a set, pre-determined time of the day, and their courses don’t have any group work or group grading, so your education will be only your responsibility. General course assignments vary for each course, but you can expect to post on a threaded discussion board with other classmates about a specific assignment, submit quizzes or writing assignments and submit a final learning assessment. Plus, Lincoln offers online study groups, where you can attend helpful “webinars” designed to help you with whatever you’re learning.

To make your virtual classroom as interactive as possible, Lincoln’s experienced instructors may use audio or visual lectures or give live demonstrations in real time so students can ask questions, or you may have one-on-one chat conversations with your professor to talk about an assignment or topic. No matter what though, you’ll never feel alone. In fact, Lincoln is one of the only online schools that offers round the clock assistance, and instructors are available always, even on nights or weekends. Each student is assigned a Student Advisor who also helps you on your educational career path.

Lincoln is looking for online students who possess the following qualities: Highly-motivated, creative, flexible, disciplined, organized, independent, and industrious. These qualities will help you and your future education by preparing you for the future. Since online learning is done on your own time, time management is also key. But don’t stress, because Lincoln realizes your busy schedule and wants to help you every step of the way. If you have the determination to succeed, then anything is possible – especially with Lincoln’s help! So start learning at Lincoln Tech today!

There’s a New Major in College – Unemployment Technologies

I’ve been reading many blogs from us unemployed folk. Yes, lots of us are blogging away wanting and wondering who and what’s out there.

Nothing, just us. Is anybody listening? Hello (insert echo here!)

Did we attend college to spend our parents’ money or our three-jobs-to-pay-for-this-crap just to get a sharp stick in the ass educating ourselves to now find we’re over-educated, over-qualified and over-paid for whatever it is we’re applying for? We are being interviewed by people young enough to be our children (I haven’t been on an interview but this is what’s happening) and by geeks trained to program computers to read phrases and keywords on a resume that might get you in the door if you can crack the computer’s code.


When I was in school, even college, none of this existed. We spoke to and met with real people looking for beating hearts to share a common goal; working to help some Companies’ bottom line. We were able to actually call a warm body (no emails then), leave a message if they weren’t in and got a phone (landline!) call back! Beautiful stuff. We were taught how to interact and engage with people. Now we’re fighting the modern elements of negative aspects of technology just to outsmart some computers’ software, meet with automatons–maybe, to get a squat salary just to save some Company’s water cooler from drowning.

California, our nations’ largest government-based economy second to Washington, D.C. is going broke (possibly already did by now) and wants to sell landmark real estate that people spent their lives building, maintaining and years exuberantly patronizing (even the jails!) to see it up for fire sales. America’s favorite pastimes have been tossed aside because of a few who don’t care.


Yesterday, I went with my kids to the dentist. What I witnessed was something to behold. Technology done right! The equipment in this office was immense, not in size but in scope. I can’t even properly describe it to give it due justice. If I had these highly trained and engaging professionals working on my teeth decades ago, I might have a better mouth today. Nothing short of amazing and inspiring for the Dental Industry.

My point is this: Why do we have to struggle with technology just to land a job? We do have enormous and exemplary examples of technologies that work and benefit the masses. It’s not all that difficult and, quite honestly, shouldn’t be; it’s not brain surgery–but if it were, we’d all be dead. Guaranteed. Why can’t technology work with us and assist us to get work? As advanced as this country is, it should endeavor a system to get the best there is, not negatively weed us out. This is, undoubtedly, what has occurred.

Trying to find work has been like getting kicked in the teeth; at least I know a good dentist.
I’ve been unemployed since the beginning of 2009 and it ain’t pretty at all. Wife, kids, dog, mortgage–all of it. We can make our situation a horrible experience or a learning experience; chances are it’s a lot of both.

Yes, looking for work is a full-time job, granted. However, you can’t stare at this computer screen all day. I figured I’d learn a new skill and pass it along to others by developing a website in which to express and explore all that we are going through–together, from a first-person’s perspective–me! Totally directed, devoted and focused to the jobless from the jobless.

The Metropolitan Community Colleges – Business & Technology Campus

The MCC Business and Technology Campus situated in Midwest, is one of the biggest training institutes in US. It offers degree and diploma courses and other certified studies and undoubtedly one of the best US universities in the world for global students.
The MCC Business and Technology campus is set up on sprawling 56,500 sq foot area with exclusive exhibition hall. It is number one on the university search lists of many SEOs. Whatever the need- for improving performance of company workers, helping skilled workforce to excel in their respective field or obtaining a reputable degree- MCC-BTC is the ultimate solution.

Brief History:

The Metropolitan Community Colleges district is giving quality education and business solutions for over 25 years. Established in 1995 was borne out of State and Corporate partners. Other US Universities for technological guidance came about much later after the BTC came into existence.

Quality Policies & Goal of MCC-BTC:

The main goal of BTC is to bring about economic growth and quality workforce through educational guidance for enhancing performance of students as well as clients. The program curriculum and affiliated services aim to give practical studies and new innovations. Student academics is given number one preference along with complete customer satisfaction.

Training Details:

University search may give you the different course details and training agendas of BTC. The course modules are strictly programmed according to industry specifications and requirements. Courses run for 15 to 16 week periods. Companies prefer to send their employees and workers for competitive study courses at BTC rather than losing them for lack of skills.
Contracts for teaching workforce are taken according to business specifications and training time required for the batches. Even workshops and seminars are held at the ending of course modules to assess the individual capacity and skill. Fees payments depend on the length of the contract and workshop timings.

The Elusive Making It In KC:

The KC course of 4 months training syllabus for novice workers of hourly basis are held in collaboration with area manufacturers. Certificates are awarded on course endings and job recruitments for deserving students. Every 3 years more than 300 people are trained at KC. MCC-BTC is referred as among the best US universities for business management and technological excellence.

Fees Structure:

The educational fees are in accordance with other US universities of technology. The fees structure also depends on the cost incurred by the college to teach various course modules.

Conners State College – Equine Technology Degree

Conners State College is located in Warner, Oklahoma and is a two-year public college that offers a wide variety of different associate’s degrees. One of the associate’s degrees that is available for students to pursue is the Equine Technology degree.

The Equine Technology Program is made up of different theory classes that range from anatomy, physiology, and nutrition to marketing and management. Students will also be able to participate in daily hands of activities concentrating on breaking and starting young horses. This will then lead up to a specialization in the student’s specific area of choice. Students can also choose to pursue either an Associate’s of Science degree, or an Associate’s of Applied Science degree. Both of these degree options are available in this two year program. Graduates of the program with either degree have the opportunity to be employed as assistant trainers, breeders, equine managers, or they can continue their education by transferring to a major university.

The equine program at Conners State College is designed to teach students responsibility, horsemanship, and many other skills that are required to be successful in the equine industry. Students will also have the opportunity to speak with the owners of horses while they are in the program.

The first semester of the student’s freshman year will be spent working on their western equitation skills. They will then proceed on to starting and breaking colts. The colt breaking period is made up of three different sessions. Each student will be given a new colt at the start of each new session, meaning that all students will have the chance to start three different horses. During this time, students are asked to advance their abilities as they begin to gain more and more experience.

During the first semester of the sophomore year, students will begin by taking four weeks of English equitation. Following this four week period, students will then have twelve weeks of specialized training in their field of choice. Some of the specialized training areas include roping, cutting, or reining. During the second semester of the sophomore year, students will have to start another colt before beginning their externship. The externship is a great chance for the students to work with a breeder or trainer that also has the same interest as the student. The externship lasts for eight weeks and during this time the students will be working and riding alongside the breeder or trainer so that they will have to chance to learn and benefit by having hands on experience in their day to day operations.

The Equine facilities are some of the best in the nation. Students will be able to take advantage of the wonderful features that include:

Three barns with a total of 50 stalls

Tack Room

Feed Room

Vet Room

100 x 250 foot indoor arena

150 x 300 foot outdoor arena

40, 60, and 100 foot round pens

Students will be at an advantage over students at different colleges because Conners State College has some of the best instructors in the country. Fred Williams has been teaching at Conners State College since 1979 and has an Applied Science Degree from OSU Tech. He also has a teaching certificate from Colorado State University. The instructors also have a great deal of experience when it comes to competing at horse shows. Fred Williams has competed at the National level with many different breed associations including Appaloosas, Quarter Horses, Paints, and Palominos. Fred also has won many world and reserve world titles including:

1976 World Championship Appaloosa Calf Roping Horse

1986 World Championship Junior Quarter Horse Cutting Horse

1985 World Championship Senior Paint Cutting Horse

1986 Lazy E Calf Roping Futurity Champion

1986 World Show Qualifier Top 10

1988 World Show Qualifier Top 5

1989 World Show Qualifier Top 5

1990 World Show Qualifier Top 10

1996 World Championship Senior Palomino Calf Roping Horse

1997 Reserve World Championship Calf Roping Horse

2000 World Championship Paint Calf Roping Horse

Have you dreamed of an equine career? Make sure to check out more great colleges by following the link below in our bio box or typing in your browser and click on the articles link.